Disability Advancement Initiative Calls Media Action in Promoting Of Disability Rights Act


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Disability Advancement Initiative (DAI) has called on the management of Kiss FM 99.9FM Abuja to use their platform to promote the rights of Persons With Disabilities.

The founder and Executive Director of DAI, Obinnna Bebe Ekujereonye made this call when the group paid an advocacy visit to the radio station office on Tuesday.

Obinna (a blind person) who was well received with his entourage informed the management of the station about Discrimination against Persons with disabilities (Prohibition) Act 2018, and its provisions.

He said that the essence of the visit is to educate business owners about the Act to enhance their knowledge on the Act so that they will understand what is expected of them in the implementation of the Act.

He said that the Act has been the best thing happening to persons with disabilities because PWDs now have legal framework that will enable them demand for their rights.

“It is an act of National Assembly designed to protect persons with disabilities from discrimination and harmful practices which a National Commission for Persons with disabilities (NCPWD) was established to ensure implementation and compliance to the law”. 

He called on the radio station to play their own part in the implementation by complying to some sections of the law such as ensuring 5% employment of PWDs, accessibility of their office which includes accessible studio to enable persons with disabilities access the studio in equal basis with others.

He also urged them to contribute to the awareness creation around the act which is part of section two of the act.

Uju Nwachukwu, acting head of station of Kiss FM 99.9 FM Abuja in her response said that they don’t discriminate when it comes to employment, she said that they are interested in skilled individuals so when an individual is skilled, he or she would be given an opportunity.

She said that they are their facility and their studio is not accessible, but regret their inability to carry out modification because the property doesn’t belong to them. She said that what they do for presenters who can’t access the studio is that they record their program ahead.

She promised to use their platform to create more awareness on the act especially in their flagship programs which is what they can afford for now because they can’t afford to create a whole program of 30minutes to One hour for Disability.

She said that after Discrimination against Persons With Disabilities (Prohibition) Act 2018 was signed in 2019, it create a lot of consciousness towards persons with disabilities in Nigeria, a lot of attention were drawn to their issues and people are beginning to understand the peculiarities of their challenges and how to address them.

TQM reports that Disability Advancement Initiative through  the support of The Leprosy Mission Nigeria is embarking on advocacy visit to different organization to create awareness on Disability Act in order to enhance implementation of the Disability Act.     

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