About Us

INCLUSION MAGAZINE is a publication of INCLUSION MEDIA CONCEPTS LIMITED which addresses compelling variable issues on ethics, policy and law related to persons with disabilities.

Regular features include discourses, stories, interviews, documentaries, events, engagement on issues confronting persons with disabilities.

Inclusion Magazine is designed to report and inform on the activities, life, work, sport, education and general well-being of persons with disabilities.

We aim to change public perception (Stereotypes) on disability by focusing on ability, while showing that disability is part of the fabric of all our lives and shining a light on unconscious bias.

Inclusion Magazine covers all areas of human endeavors: health, education, environmental protection, assistive technology, sports, employment, craftsmanship, travel, mental wellness and much more.

Inclusion Magazine seeks to build a platform for a positive cross-cultural experience showcasing the diversity and accomplishments persons with disabilities.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide insight into individual levels of ability by inspiring and motivating people with disabilities to lead active and optimal healthy life.


• Build an inclusive society through media content targeted at persons with disabilities, policy makers, caregivers, law enforcement, educationist, disability experts, etc.
• Highlight Government policies on Persons with disabilities (Feedback channels)
• Advocacy platform for persons with disabilities
• Promote accessibility in both content and form to the public
• Government feedback channel/mechanism
• Disabilities personality
• State governments
• Inspire and motivate people with disabilities to lead active and optimal health lives
• Change negative perception, myths and stereotypes on disability while focusing on ability and bringing greater attention to the issues of highlighting disability as part of the fabric of our lives and shattering myths and bias.
• Showcase the diversity and accomplishments of persons with disabilities

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