Many Hospitalised In Kano Over Strange Disease

The Albino Foundation Public Notice

The Albino Foundation Public Notice

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At least 30 persons who allegedly   contracted a strange illness were hospitalized in the northern city of Kano.

It would be recalled that more than three people died and over 183 were hospitalized in the city of Kano after they consumed poisonous fruit drinks.

Those hospitalised are from six villages under the Rogo local government area of Kano state, located 136 kilometers (85 miles) from the city.

The victims were reportedly rushed to the area’s primary health center after passing excessive blood urine and vomiting.

Residents are complaining about receiving little help from the government.

A resident of Gwangwan Gabas confirmed that 56 people contracted the illness since its outbreak.

“We rushed no fewer than 30 people to the Rogo General Hospital within a day of the outbreak,” said Muhammad Tukur. “So far only one person has died as a result of the outbreak. Most of the victims of the disease have complained of spending a lot of money on the disease.”

Shehu Adamu, a resident from Gangare, said that two of his children have been affected.

He said he has spent more than 20,000 naira ($52) at the hospital trying to get his family treated despite difficult times.

Eight people are affected in Idris Isah Jibrin’s house and he said he is completely devastated. Affected members include his wife, mother and children, who cannot stand.

He said he has spent 100,000 naira ($262) between Rogo Hospital and Gwarzo Hospital without any real result.

The Kano state government confirmed the death of three people on Tuesday and 284 others hospitalized after drinking water from a nearby cemetery and consuming expired powder flavored drinks.

The government has debunked any links between the illness and the coronavirus, however, part of the symptoms associated with the ailment include urinary blood, vomiting, weakness, diarrhea, fever and dizziness.

Although the state ministry of health has not categorically declared the cause, it confirmed victims in 13 local government areas, including eight metropolitan councils.

Sulaiman Ilyasu, director of infectious diseases at the Health Ministry confirmed the development but insisted the ministry has only received reports of four people falling ill and they have since been treated.

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