Senegal’s President-Elect Vows To Tackle Corruption

The Albino Foundation Public Notice

The Albino Foundation Public Notice

The outgoing head of state congratulated the candidate of the “Diomaye-President” Coalition, who is leading the polls pending the announcement of the official results.

The day after the presidential election on 24 March, Bassirou Diomaye Faye gave his first speech. The president-elect, according to the trends emerging from the ballot boxes while awaiting the proclamation of the results by the National Commission for the Enumeration of Votes, praised the exemplary stance of his opponents.

“I salute the posture of the other candidates who, without exception, honoured a very Senegalese tradition,” President Faye declared, underlining the mutual respect that characterised the election campaign.

Expressing his gratitude to the outgoing President, Macky Sall, for having ensured the transparency and regularity of the ballot, the president-elect also paid tribute to the people of Senegal for their attachment to democracy, justice and legality.

Echoing the suffering and loss suffered by the Senegalese people in previous years, Bassirou Diomaye Faye promised to govern with humility and transparency, while pledging to fight corruption at all levels.

“By electing a President of the Republic, the Senegalese people have made the choice of a break with the past in order to give strength to the immense hope raised by our project,” he said, underlining his determination to respond to the aspirations of the nation and to work towards rebuilding institutions and strengthening community life.

President Faye also expressed his gratitude to the state services and international observers for having ensured the smooth running of the ballot, thus testifying to the credibility and legitimacy of his election.

In conclusion, Bassirou D. Faye reassured Senegal’s bilateral and multilateral partners of his willingness to honour his country’s commitments.

“Senegal will remain a friendly country and a sure and reliable ally for any partner that commits to virtuous, respectful and mutually productive cooperation with us,” he said.

On Monday, the outgoing president, Macky Sall, congratulated Bassirou Diomaye Faye, “the winner (…) whom the trends show to be the winner.”

The candidate of the ruling coalition, Amadou Ba, acknowledged his defeat and congratulated President Faye. The
presidents of Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea and Mauritania congratulated Bassirou Diomaye Faye on his “resounding victor.”

Outside Africa, the President-elect was also congratulated.

In a tweet posted on the night of 25 March, French President Emmanuel Macron sent his “best wishes for success” to his new Senegalese counterpart, adding he was “looking forward to working with him.”


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